All ponds must be maintained. And some need to be converted by the HOA or Developer. Someone could end up owing 10s of thousands of dollars.

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Imagine a world where there were no retention ponds. It would be a flooded eroded mess, wouldn’t it? The whole point of that pond in your subdivision is to slow down or hold all the excess water that leaves your yard when it rains.

It has to go somewhere right? And if that ponds not functioning properly, it can easily cause serious water pollution. Not to mention fines.

Stormwater ponds catch runoff water from subdivisions and industrial parks.

List of just some of the things retention ponds can do:

  • Helps manage water pollution
  • slow down excess water
  • filters water
  • Looks nice

Make sure you do your part to keep it in good operating condition.

If you don’t and get caught, you’ll have to pay the fine AND pay to have the pond fixed. Get ahead of this situation, and minimize the cost.

Families in some neighborhoods love to look at the fish and wildlife around their local pond. They like to just have a stroll and get some exercise. Nobody would expect to get hurt.

But erosion can wash away supporting soil very easily. How would you feel if you were standing on the bridge below on the left? Safe? Probably not. How about the same bridge, but after Log Pond Construction completed their project? A lot better. For everyone.

The before and after images erosion control Project

As you can see, this community doesn’t have to worry about their memorial bridge washing away anymore.

The remedy for this erosion nightmare was some grading and replacement of erosion control stone.

Excess erosion in your pond can cause barrier blowouts, all that debris and dirt that leaves the property is subject to fines.

They measure by volume. How much of your subdivisions money are you going to let wash out at the lowest point of the neighborhood?

Log Pond can help save you lots of money. Call us today. Also, Our schedule fills up quick this time of year better hurry.

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