Find out why waiting to convert your Stormwater pond can cost you.

SCMs or Stormwater Control Measures refer to water pollution control structures and techniques.

What Does a Stormwater or Retention Pond Do?

Stormwater ponds, catch runoff water in places like subdivisions and industrial parks. The stormwater ponds or SCMs slow down excess water and filter it.

It plays a very important role in many water pollution control techniques. We can build or modify your retention pond today.

Do I Need to Convert My Retention Pond?

Another interesting aspect of some SCM’s is that they need to change over time.

For example, when a new subdivision is fully built and most of the lots are sold, they may require conversion. Putting off a pond conversion can turn into a nightmare for Business owners, Home Owners and HOAs alike.

What If I Don’t Do A Conversion

The water pollution can cause erosion and wreak havoc in the yards of residents. It could turn an otherwise beautiful subdivision into an eroded mess.

And the problems don’t stop there. Further down the subdivision, where the pond is, things are getting messy as well. Excess erosion can clog up pipes, and cause barrier blowouts.

All of these things can start to get very expensive. Runoff debris from a failed stormwater retention pond can rack up massive daily fines for HOA’s and Business owners.

Not to mention pollute the surrounding forests and land.

Then there is the conversion fine on top of that. There have been instances of Construction companies and HOAs being fined for failing to convert their pond on time. A simple overlook can cost big.

Finally, there is the pond itself. If you go look at your Stormwater pond right now and see cattails growing in it. Once they start, they spread like wildfire. Not to mention killing other useful (necessary) plants in your pond. (Plants cost a lot too)

I Need A SCM Conversion, What Do I Do?

Luckily, we can help. Not only that, but we have the best rates in town. Feel free to check around. But make sure to call Log Pond Construction.

One of our representatives will schedule a time to inspect your SCM and give you a conversion estimate, all FREE of charge.

We have years of experience installing and converting many different types of ponds. Send us an email or call soon.

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