If you have already failed inspection, you should have a notice that lists all violations. We can go over the list and give you an estimate of the repair.

Typically you have around a 60-day window to get back into compliance. So the sooner you call us, the more likely you will meet the deadline. 

Not For the Faint of Heart

It’s never something you want to see. A message or post reply to your submission. Whoever responded has tagged a terrible word to the end of the message… “FAIL”.

And they’ve capitalized all the letters!

Your pond inspection submission has just come back as a fail. That means you have a new deadline. Something else to take care of on a list that keeps getting bigger. But wait… there’s more.

Avoid the Domino Effect

Sadly there is more at stake here than just the fines. The longer your retention pond isn’t functioning properly, the more things can go wrong.

For example, if a pond is full of standing water, when it shouldn’t be, it’s not draining properly. 

Plants that shouldn’t be underwater for long will die, then they’ll need to be replanted.

Also because the plants died, the edges of the pond start washing away, which will cause even more clogging. And that’s a grading job on top of everything else.

It happens fast. Don’t let it sneak up on you. Basically, the water won’t go down the drain, but money will.

Bright Side

If you’re thinking about taking care of it soon, you’re already off to a great start! You can call Log Pond Construction.

A General Contractor is on staff to manage any scale solution you need. We’ve built ponds bigger than a lot of buildings.

Also, we work with Stormwater Control Measure Certified Inspectors.  They are credentialed and trained by North Carolina State University.

Why You Should Choose Log Pond Construction

You should hire Log Pond. We know that stormwater ponds are more than just a landscape aesthetic. These ponds are water treatment devices. 

They are designed by engineers for a reason. They should be installed and maintained by people that understand that.

If you want to learn more about what we can do you, give us a call. Call Kevin at 919-272-4959. Or you can use our contact page

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