Not supposed to look like this. Filled with dirt. The pond will not drain.

Leaking pipes can seriously affect the function of your pond. What started out a little trickle can end up causing serious failure in crucial areas.

Any amount of water moving around a pipe instead of through it can be a bad sign. Not only could it be expensive to fix, but it could be dangerous as well. 

Sometimes there can be a reverse problem. If you have clogged pipes and drains, that lack of flow can also cause a system failure. 

If you are experiencing anything like this, you should call us today. It only gets worse, and after a stormwater treatment measure sets in a failed state for too long, it will have to be completely reinstalled to pass inspection. 

On average a full re-install is going to cost way more than fixing it early (Average in NC $30,000).

And if there is one thing we all know, it’s how much Murphy’s law can cost on top of that.

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